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The New Yorker

The New Yorker
David Remnick, Editor
A Reporter’s Video From Inside the Capitol Siege,” by Luke Mogelson, January 17

Judges' Citation
Surrounded by lawlessness, Luke Mogelson delivered a steady and complete account
of the chaos that descended on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The value of this work was magnified by
The New Yorker’s light touch in editing it.

The Atavist

The Atavist
Seyward Darby, Editor in Chief
Three videos from “A Feast for Lost Souls,” directed by Zahara Gómez Lucini: “Manqui,” “Juana” and “Blanca,” November 30



Maggie Hoffman, Digital Director
How to Serve Every Cheese,” with Anne Saxelby, April 16, @epicuriousdotcom on YouTube


ProPublica With TIME, Truly CA and Univision Noticias
Stephen Engelberg, Editor in Chief, ProPublica
Unlivable Oasis,” by Mauricio Rodríguez Pons and Elizabeth Weil, August 17, @propublica on YouTube



Edward Felsenthal, Editor in Chief
Milk Factory,” directed by Corinne May Botz, May 7, and “My Name Is Mookie,” directed by Francesca Trianni, June 25