Incorporating Feature Photography
Honors excellence in the photo direction of magazines and websites

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Cori Murray, Deputy Editor
Nia Lawrence, Creative Director
“Of Earth & Sky,” photographs by Lorna Simpson, January/February

Judges' Citation
Exploring the intersection of Black womanhood, celebrity, art and beauty
and drawing on archival images from Jet and Ebony, this collaboration between the mega-star Rihanna
and the fine artist Lorna Simpson is a mesmerizing feat of editorial ingenuity.

National Geographic

National Geographic
Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief
Whitney Johnson, Director, Visuals & Immersive Experiences
“Swarm,” photographs by Charlie Hamilton James, December



Fred Sasaki and Lindsay Garbutt, Interim Coeditors
From ‘Crowns,’” poems by Patricia Smith; photographs by Sandro Miller, November 1

Stranger's Guide

Stranger's Guide
Kira Brunner Don, Editor in Chief
“El Chocó,” photographs by Kike Arnal, “Exodus,” photographs by Nicoló Filippo Rosso, and “Reggaeton,” photographs by David Estrada Larrañeta, Colombia issue



Edward Felsenthal, Editor in Chief
Katherine Pomerantz, Director of Photography
The Cost,” March 11