Mara Model, Senior SEO Manager, Hearst Magazines

Mara has been an employee on the Editorial Strategy & Insights team at Hearst Magazines for almost 5 years. As the Senior SEO Manager, she creates and supports organic search strategies for Good Housekeeping, Esquire and Town & Country. She is also the liaison between the SEO and commerce teams, leading network-wide sales initiatives with organic potential, including Black Friday, Prime Day, and more.

Directed by trends and data insights, she guides editors to optimize daily news and evergreen stories, identify potential coverage areas and implement new best practices. In addition to maintaining healthy, steady performance, a significant part of her role is to ensure we identify how these returns translate to affiliate e-commerce growth, membership conversions, video views, and other important editorial goals.

After working in digital media for more than seven years, Mara has seen the landscapes in both search and commerce change dramatically, from topics ranging in product reviews, beauty, fashion and entertainment to health, food and more. In collaboration with various Hearst brands, she’s seen how different editorial teams operate. This has helped her own career path by being able pivot and provide helpful expertise, amid Google’s always-changing algorithm.

Mara previously did SEO for other Hearst brands, including Delish, Best Products, Seventeen, House Beautiful, and Road & Track. She previously worked at HeBS Digital (a digital marketing agency that focuses on SEO for travel websites), and wrote for Psychology Today and Weight Watchers Magazine. She holds a BA in Magazine Journalism from Temple University.