Editor, Puppetry Journal

October 27, 2023

Job Opening:
Puppetry Journal Editor - Part Time
Please apply by November 17, 2023

Employer: Puppeteers of America, Inc. (PofA)
Estimated Monthly Hours: 40
Job Type: Contract, Part Time
Job Location: Remote / Online


The Puppetry Journal Editor is responsible for overseeing the production of the Puppetry Journal, the official periodical of the Puppeteers of America, Inc. This role encompasses content creation, collaboration with production staff, and maintenance of the organization's branding and historical records. The Editor ensures that the Journal aligns with the PofA's brand, mission, strategic objectives, and industry standards.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Publication Oversight

  • Ensure the Journal's timely release based on a schedule established by the Board of Directors.
  • Manage a comprehensive content submission process, promoting member participation.
  • Maintain contracts and relationships, such as with University Microfilms International for reprint rights.
  • Preserve journal issues for the PofA Archive.

2. Content Creation

  • Develop a vision for the Journal's style and layout that reflects the PofA's objectives.
  • Engage in daily email communication for content generation and inquiries.
  • Plan content for each issue, sometimes several issues in advance.
  • Review, proofread, and edit submitted content.
  • Collaborate with columnists on assignments, topics, and deadlines.

3. Collaboration with Production Staff

  • Coordinate with the Layout Artist for magazine layout and design.
  • Work with the Proofreader to review and refine content.
  • Liaise with the printer to ensure high-quality print results.

4. Distribution Management

  • Collaborate with Membership and/or Administrative Officers for mailing list generation.
  • Oversee the addressing, printing, and mailing process.
  • Manage distribution of extra copies to contributors and advertisers.

5. Financial & Administrative Collaboration

  • Work with the Board Treasurer on Journal expenses and annual budget creation.
  • Set advertising rates, solicit advertisers, and manage advertisement processes.
  • Ensure timely copyright registration with the Library of Congress.
  • Oversee Post Office reporting requirements in partnership with the Administrative Officer.
  • Coordinate with the Webmaster for online publication updates.

6. Digital Presence

  • Ensure accurate hyperlinks within the Digital Edition.
  • Maintain awareness of SEO and social media best practices.

Additional Notes:

  • The position was traditionally appointed. As of 2015, the Editor undergoes a job review process and receives compensation.
  • The current journal typically contains 36-44 pages of text, including full-color photography. For reference to a previous version of the Puppetry Journal (Winter 2023), please view here: PuppetryJournal_Winter2023_DL.pdf
  • This is a contract position.

The Puppeteers of America, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Please apply no later than November 17, 2023. Applicants should send a resume, a note telling us why you are interested in working with us, and three references to [email protected].