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National Geographic
National Geographic
Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief
Marianne Seregi, Design Director
“Solar System in Action” at and “Small Wonders,” September

Judges' Citation
In an immersive exploration of the solar system that combined photography,
illustration and infographics, National Geographic made the infinite accessible both in print and online.


Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, Executive Director
Bram Broerse, Design Director
They Carry Us With Them: The Great Tree Migration,” November 4


Fast Company

Fast Company
Stephanie Mehta, Editor in Chief
Mike Schnaidt, Creative Director
Jeanne Graves, Director of Photography
The Most Creative People in Business 2021,” September


McSweeney's Quarterly
Claire Boyle, Editor
Sunra Thompson, Art Director
McSweeney’s 64: The Audio Issue


New York

New York
David Haskell, Editor in Chief
All Work, No Pay,” February 1–14, “Before, During, After January 6,” July 5–18, and “Reckoning With a Reckoning,” May 24–June 6