Danielle McNally, Executive Editor, Marie Claire

Danielle McNally headshotDanielle McNally is the executive editor of Marie Claire, where she oversees features across all platforms, and contributes to the brand’s print, digital, video, and marketing strategy. She has held various leadership roles over the course of her five years with the brand, including director of features and special projects and deputy editor. Prior to joining Marie Claire, Danielle was a senior editor at Cosmopolitan, handling the brand’s health, fitness, and nutrition coverage, in addition to editing news, political, and social justice features. She has held positions at DETAILS and SHAPE, and was a proud staffer at Food Network Magazine during the publication’s highly successful launch in 2008. Work she has edited has been nominated for a National Magazine Award in personal service four times, with the package ‘Invasion of Privacy’ winning the award in 2021. Danielle has degrees in journalism and political science from the University of Miami. While there she spent her time creating and editing the school's first student magazine, titled, appropriately, Distraction. She lives in Manhattan with her husband; you can find her virtually @DaniSMcNally.