New Guidelines for Editors and Publishers Address Native Advertising
New Edition Shifts From Rules to Principles
Guidelines Reinforce the Importance of Editorial Integrity and Reader Trust With
Driving Principle: Don’t Deceive the Reader

NEW YORK, NY (April 15, 2015)—The American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) released updated Guidelines for Editors and Publishers today, the first set of integrated standards that encompass all magazine media platforms and formats. The new guidelines also include best practices for native advertising.

The ASME Guidelines have been strengthened to affirm the core values of magazine media journalism, especially editorial integrity and reader trust. The new guidelines articulate standards for the conduct of magazine media journalists as well as summarize industry practices and include relevant information about FTC and U.S. Postal Service regulations intended to protect the value of magazine media as an advertising vehicle. The guiding principle can be summarized in one sentence: Don’t deceive the reader.

“The ASME Guidelines have been a journalism standard for more than 30 years,” said Sid Holt, chief executive of ASME. “The primary responsibility of the editor has always been to serve the interests of the reader and the new guidelines outline a set of practices drawn from the basic principles of magazine media journalism.  They reinforce that the distinction between advertising and editorial content must be transparent to the average reader and that individual brands have the rightand the responsibilityto determine how best to achieve that goal, regardless of the platform or format.”

First published in 1982, the original purpose of the guidelines was to help editors and publishers manage the publication of special advertising sections known as advertorials. In recognition of the fact that magazine media brands are rapidly expanding the delivery of their content and engaging their consumers in new and innovative ways, the ASME Guidelines now concisely articulate standards of conduct for magazine journalists and summarize industry practices based on those standards.

The new ASME Guidelines for Editors and Publishers can be found at

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The American Society of Magazine Editors is the principal organization for magazine journalists in the United States. The members of ASME include the editorial leaders of most major consumer and business magazines published in print and on digital platforms. Founded in 1963, ASME works to defend the First Amendment, protect editorial independence and support the development of journalism. ASME sponsors the National Magazine Awards in association with the Columbia Journalism School and publishes the ASME Guidelines for Editors and Publishers. 

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