Magazine Editor at Flagship Publishing

January 19, 2021
Windsor, CO


**To apply for this Magazine Editor position, please see the instructions at the bottom of this post. **

Regional magazine publisher Flagship Publishing in Windsor, Colorado is hiring a full-time Magazine Editor. This position leads editorial content for two bimonthly statewide magazines – writing and editing stories about travel, communities, history, people, food, authors, artists and culture of Colorado and Utah.

Job Duties

  • Plan six bimonthly issues for per year for each of two statewide print subscriber magazines (56-84 pages)
  • Travel, interview and write department stories (200-400 words) and feature stories (1,000-4,000 words)
  • Receive story pitches and coordinate story development with freelance writers and photographers
  • Edit and revise stories
  • Coordinate with photographers
  • Lead editorial budget planning meetings
  • Other editorial and public-facing duties

Skills & Qualifications

  • 4+ years writing for publications, including pitching stories to editors and working with those editors on revisions
  • 4+ years editing for publications, including receiving story pitches from other writers and helping develop their work for print
  • A demonstrated ability to adapt to writing styles and audiences
  • Publication editorial scheduling and budgeting
  • Writer development, training and coaching
  • History of collaborating with publishers, photo editors, designers, circulation directors and advertising sales staff
  • Interviewing skills
  • Print journalism
  • Magazine writing
  • Narrative storytelling
  • Associated Press Style
  • Bonus skill: Photography
  • Portfolio of recent writing and editing experience and will have a proven record of producing clean copy that is entertaining and tells a story

Pay & Benefits

Please provide desired salary range in your cover letter. We offer company-sponsored retirement, vacation, holidays, paid sick time, maternity leave and continuing education reimbursement. 

Please read the following before applying

  1. What we don’t do: We don’t write breaking news stories, personal blogs, travel tips, listicles or how-to articles for web or print. Please DO NOT provide clips for these.
  2. What we do: We publish entertaining stories about people, places, history and culture in our states.
  3. How we do it: We use lively and descriptive writing with anecdotes, colorful quotations and character development within narrative story structure that includes beginning, middle and end.
  4. Our goal: We aim for every story to entertain our subscribers and help them understand life in their favorite state.

How to apply

  1. Send your cover letter, resume, references and clips to [email protected]
  2. Include five clips (attachments or direct links) of your own published stories ranging from 250 words to 2,500 words. Provide a variety of subject matter that shows ability to write on a range of topics.
  3. Include three clips of stories that you edited ranging from 250 words to 2,500 words. Again, provide a variety of subject matter. This time, include the original draft turned in by your writer and your edited version. With each story, please explain number of drafts required to get to the final version.