Editorial Manager at The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF)

May 17, 2022
Washington, DC or Remote

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF)—the leading think tank for science and technology policy—seeks a digitally savvy editorial manager to publish reports, blogs, and other content on its website (itif.org); create related graphics for the web and social media; and produce podcasts, other collateral material, and special projects.

Reporting to ITIF’s managing editor, this position is primarily focused on publishing editorial content in standardized formats. Policy reports and briefings are ITIF’s cornerstone publications. ITIF’s team of analysts write these reports and briefings in a branded Word template with standardized styling. The editorial manager is responsible for maintaining and operationalizing the use of this and other branded templates, periodically updating them to implement refinements or new style elements. After reports have been copyedited and approved, the editorial manager’s role is to perform quality control to ensure clean and consistent styling of body copy, lists, charts, tables, and other elements. This requires an eye for detail, an understanding of how to apply editorial guidelines, and requisite technical skills to correctly format text and visual illustrations of data and other information. The editorial manager then converts the final publication to PDF and HTML formats via a newly revamped content management system that maps styles defined in Word to parallel style sheets on ITIF’s website.

The editorial production manager also posts a regular flow of blogs and other types of content authored by ITIF’s policy analysts. The successful candidate will take responsibility for quality control, which requires proofreading ability to correct typographical errors; writing talent to compose engaging summary blurbs; and editorial judgement to correctly categorize publications topically and to select appropriate related content to feature alongside a given publication.

The editorial manager also serves as ITIF’s day-to-day design manager. This involves selecting appropriate editorial photos for ITIF reports and producing a range of standardized graphics for ITIF and its policy centers, including feature graphics for the Center for Data Innovation’s separately branded reports and events, templates for social media posts that promote ITIF events, and banner images for special projects such as podcast miniseries, among other projects.

Functional Responsibilities

  • Manage day-to-day layout, production, and curation of publications on ITIF’s website, including policy reports, blog posts, regulatory filings, and podcasts.
  • Partner with other content publishers on ITIF’s communications team to maintain quality control in producing and curating event pages, op-ed abstracts, speeches and presentations, press releases and news clips.
  • Create graphics with standardized styles to feature and promote publications and events on websites and social media.
  • Manage essential publication templates, including the templates ITIF uses for its reports, regulatory filings, and letterhead—periodically refining style elements, introducing new styles, and implementing updates for use across the organization.
  • Liaise with web developers to troubleshoot problems and implement new features and functionality on ITIF’s website.
Essential Qualifications
  • Minimum of two years’ hands-on editorial experience working with website content management systems.
  • Editorial sensibility, judgement, and passion for producing and curating engaging content in print, online, and multimedia formats.
  • Experience maintaining sharp design, clean layout, and thoughtful brand management for digital content.
  • Ability to produce visually engaging graphics—with a strong sense of composition, typography, scale, color, hierarchy, and brand cohesion—to use as feature images on websites and social media promotions.
  • Strong layout, design, and production skills in the Microsoft Office suite, including creating and managing styles and working with sections in Word; creating highly polished charts and graphs in Excel; and creating and managing design templates in PowerPoint.
  • Previous professional experience creating graphics with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is essential. Previous experience producing layouts in Adobe InDesign would be a plus.
  • Ability to edit and produce podcasts.
  • Previous experience with frontend web design, including HTML and CSS, would be a plus.
  • Ability to work quickly and deliver polished results on multiple editorial production projects with overlapping short- and midterm deadlines.
To Apply
Please submit the following:
  • Cover letter describing your interest and qualifications for the position, relevant past experiences, and mid- to long-term professional goals.
  • Three to five samples of website or social media graphics. (Samples may be submitted in PDF format or as links to publicly accessible content.)
  • Résumé.

Applications without these materials will not be considered.

For more information, or to apply, click here.