Content Manager/Digital Editor at Fluent Knowledge

January 27, 2023


Help us create and convey deep, insightful content on important topics and issues.

Fluent Knowledge is seeking an experienced Content Manager/Digital Editor to edit and promote general interest articles on politics, psychology, media, and wellness. There are six related objectives for this position:

1) Promote written content via social media, including tags to and backlinks from authors and author’s affiliations; previous contributors, and other relevant accounts.
2) Research important topics that are not well explained in the news that would benefit from a deeper, multidisciplinary approach.
To take a few examples: Economic inequality, political gridlock, psychological tribalism, media silos, etc.
3) Recruit writers with deep expertise (scholars, journalists, lawyers, NGO professionals, etc.) to draft articles for the Fluent Knowledge website on selected topics.
4) Fact check and edit content for length, format, clarity, and tone; reshape it for general interest readership by adding humor, snappy language, questions, etc.
5) Source graphics to accompany the written content, such as charts, graphs, stock images.
6) Potential development of e-books and print books on topics with the most reader engagement and ongoing importance.

The editor may also be involved in the production of podcasts and/or videocasts on these same topics, including background research, interview preparation, script construction, outreach and promotion, etc.

Insatiable curiosity is requirement #1 along with solid writing and editing skills and the ability to work remotely with a small team. Ideal candidates will have at least 8 years of relevant experience in publishing and/or journalism with high quality publications and written content.

Experience with CMS on WordPress is extremely helpful in updating and highlighting website content. Experience with SEO best practices is also preferred. Other important tools are Google Analytics, MailChimp, Google Drive, Slack and major social media platforms (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Mastodon, Twitter).

This position will begin with an initial trial period of 3 months with an expectation of 15-25 hours per week. Competitive pay with bonus based on relevant experience. Please send a CV with writing samples to [email protected].

Fluent Knowledge produces deeply researched, insightful media and publications on a select number of high-impact subjects. Our current catalog includes the New York Times-lauded podcast, “The Purple Principle,” a show about the perils of polarization, and the award-winning podcast “My Body Odyssey,” which chronicles the rewards and challenges of individuals pursuing active lifestyles despite chronic illness, recurrent injury, behavioral issues and more. We are currently expanding our content strategy beyond podcasts to include digital publishing and video.